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ZENITHR in a Nutshell

ZENITHR reads real-time data and extracts insights that are equivalent to the work of a data analyst. With just one click, users can spot HR trends and patterns, filter and segment data, uncover faults and hidden insights, and extract detailed reports. Basically, ZENITHR provides you with valuable insights about your most valued asset - your employees.

Reads Data

Reads Data

Analyzes It

Analyzes It

Generates Reports

Generates Reports

Our Beginning

Whilst working with several HR departments of different organizations, our HR consultants found a lag and realized that analyzing real-time HR data is a time-consuming process that requires highly skilled analysts.

From that point, ZENITHR was brought into existence. An HR intelligence solution that revolutionizes, improves and simplifies HR processes in order to save time, effort and cost. 

Basically, ZENITHR gets the hard part out of the way and gets you straight to the point.  

 Easy and Insightful Workforce Analytics


Utilize real-time workforce data to uncover critical insights with just one click

Diverse sharing features to communicate what matters most to those concerned without compromising data privacy

Stay up-to-date on your workforce situation using detailed reports that empower you to take timely and efficient decisions

Get the bigger picture by obtaining an essential bird’s eye view of your organization’s workforce status and dig deeper into vital roots

Wisely compare your employees as you view detailed personal, financial and positional information that allow you to make right and fair decisions



Visualize a smart and real-time version of your organization structure that provides you with an overall and detailed view of your employee’s personal and financial details

Create several and different future scenarios to ensure the most optimal and cost-effective future workforce plan using advanced simulation tools

Employ our pre-defined workforce HR KRAs and their corresponding quantitative KPIs tracked from your real-time data to empower you to monitor HR employees’ productivity and effectiveness

Construct an insightful picture on why your workforce is leaving your organization by using a pre-built questionnaire, asked to leavers, which ultimately generates analytical reports that empower you to drive change

User-friendly navigation and customizable dashboards that allow you to effortlessly automate certain tasks while you eliminate the hassle of using spreadsheets and manual processes

Meet Our Team

At ZENITHR, we strive to create unique and innovative products that enhance and modernize HR processes.
Each one of our team members is specialized in a particular field and makes sure to deliver only the best quality.

Mohammad Abu Al Rob


Hani Khalaf

Associate Director

Lana Ahmad

HR Assistant Manager

Roula Badis

BD Senior Manager

Dalia Al Habash

Marketing Manager

Yaprak Guvener

BD Manager