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Business Today

Today’s business environment is beyond dynamic that it requires its players to constantly be ahead of the game in order to succeed. By focusing on people analytics and workforce management, organizations can increase potential efficiency and drive their business forward.

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The Old Struggle

Organizations spend a considerable amount of time addressing the challenge of having to produce high-quality analytical reports while still dealing with manual approaches to analyze the data and generate comprehensive reports. ZENITHR was created to combat this struggle.

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Our Solution

ZENITHR is an HR intelligence solution that increases agility by empowering decision-makers to make informed and enlightened decisions based on real-time insights generated by advanced analytical tools. 

ZENITHR is unique in its ability to provide peace of mind to decision-makers as it eliminates the burden of waiting for days, if not weeks, for data to be processed, analyzed and reported. Long story short, ZENITHR intends to make your life easier. 

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We Work on Both

ZENITHR, with its advanced modules, reads HR data, analyzes it and provides you with a full solution that generates comprehensive reports by integrating with your HRMS
either on the cloud or on-premise.

Make Quick and Impactful Decisions
Using Solid HR Analytics

ZENITHR Intelligence

Improve your management strategies with better knowledge and measurement using real-time data analytics and swiftly generated comprehensive reports.

OrgChart Visualization

Visualize your organization on a smart chart that details information about your workforce and allows you to filter and separate data using multiple criteria.

Workforce Simulation

Simulate several scenarios and visualize the financial and operational impact of Workforce Planning using insightful reports.

Employee Experience

Employee Experience converts employees’ thoughts and feedback into action plans to build a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and foster innovation.