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Good Old Days

Gone are the days where HR specialists were to use countless spreadsheets and manual processes to draw an organization's structure, and further use these sheets to find information about an employee.

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Intelligent Organization Charting

Save time and effort by eliminating this long and hectic process of using spreadsheets with ZENITHR OrgChart Visualization. Instantly visualize your organization's structure and keep your charts up-to-date as your workforce changes through live-synchronization of real-time data.

Why ZENITHR - OrgChart Visualization?

Visualize a smart and real-time version of your organization structure that provides you an overall as well as a detailed view of your employee's personal and financial details

Smoothly navigate between a positional and functional view of your organization's structure as per your needs while also being able to steer between branches based on geographical location

Drill deeper into each entity, whether country, department or division, and its expanded structure that clearly details job levels and grades

View general information about your organization such as employee headcount, chain of reporting and overall information and moreover, employee profile data directly from the organization chart

Pick and filter variables from a list of multiple pre-defined criteria that allows you to visualize targeted information on the organization's structure and easily compare your employees

Smartly and easily search for employees on the organization structure alongside information about their position such as which entity they work in, their job grade or level, who their direct manager is and much more

Save your HR time and effort by eliminating the hassle of separately charting structures based on departments, countries or direct managers and further combining them all into one giant organization structure

Immediately visualize automatically updated structures based on real-time data that requires no manual input