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Adapt to Change

Being agile in today's dynamic business environment is crucial for an organization's success. Part of an organization's growth is its ability to distinguish and examine certain manpower metrics that allow organizations to plan quickly with the least amount of risk.

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Save Time, Effort and Reduce Risk

It's often a hassle and pretty much hard work to predict how many employees you would need during a certain phase or in a certain location. Moreover, it's risky to take a decision related to your manpower without being certain of your actions and their consequences.


To combat this issue, ZENITHR - Workforce Simulation uses virtual redesigning tools that allow you to simulate certain actions such as hiring or laying off and seeing their effect on your organization using before and after reports.


Why ZENITHR - Workforce Simulation?

Eliminate doubt as you simulate several future scenarios, that have no effect on your real-time data and no risk on your organization, to reach the most ideal and cost-effective future workforce plan that is in line with your business strategy

Utilize generated actual vs. simulated reports to study the impact of certain actions, such as an upcoming expansion, a new division opening, an increase/decrease in headcount or salary increments on your organization and on your revenue in order to wisely plan your manpower for an upcoming fiscal year

Empower and delegate assignments for each department head to apply their best-fit scenario onto each simulation so you may track progress and eventually conclude one simulation that is best fit for all

Take full control by locking simulations and assigning concerned employees to either view, edit or delete simulations

View Workforce simulation transaction history and roll-back of actions in order to clearly compare and reach the optimal scenario