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The Shift in the HR Department

In today's day and age, the HR department is no longer seen as the unit that simply supports the rest of the departments and only adds cost rather than creates value. Even though many organizations are valuing their HR departments much more, they seem to not be able to correctly measure success with accurate HR KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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Increase HR Productivity

One way to measure the success of your HR department is to set goals and objectives for your HR employees and track their progress through measuring and evaluating their performance.

ZENITHR- HR KPIs allows you to access a comprehensive library of quantitative and measurable HR KPIs that support you in setting objectives and monitoring development.


Organize and customize an infinite number of empowering wallets that allow you to arrange and monitor your HR department's targets and accomplishments using pre-defined and quantifiable KPIs obtained from ZENITHR's well-studied and extensive library

Motivate your employees as you set weights and scoring scales to KPIs depending on their importance while you set notifications regarding certain targets being achieved

Increase HR productivity and effectiveness as you empower them to become more responsible by handling and monitoring their own assigned objectives

Grasp an overall summary and view of your employees' performance, what targets have been achieved and by whom using a comprehensive live data leaderboard that allows you to navigate to a detailed profile of each employee and track their progress

Export and share reports with the concerned parties only