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HR in Today's World

Technological advancements in the current fast-paced market are revolutionizing the way we work, and hence why HR specialists need to adapt to this change and stay on top of the game.

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Insights That Empower

HR Analytics is a strategic approach that utilizes HR data and transforms it into useful information and insights that support the business and its operations. This data-driven approach adds more value to the the HR department by converting it into a strategic partner rather than just a support unit.

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Make Better Decisions

Focus on innovation and efficiency by spotting trends and patterns in your HR department, comparing your employees with one another, and easily exporting and sharing rapidly generated reports that empower you to make faster and more efficient decisions.

Why ZENITHR Intelligence?

Sharply gain a personalized view of your HR data analytics and get an essential bird eye's view of your workforce with an all-inclusive dashboard that shares insights such as employee headcount, demographics of your workforce, tenure, annual salaries, etc...

Intensely scrutinize and detail your workforce data with high transparency and visibility to highlight certain previously clouded areas with critical insights and comprehensive reports

Visualize data over chosen periods of time to understand unseen patterns and trends that may have been an impact on your organization

Effortlessly read and dynamically filter real-time analyzed data via promptly generated customized reports and charts

Deeply understand your employees' personal and financial information with empowering in-depth workforce analytics

Create connections with certain variables using advanced comparison tools that allow you to filter data and present it in chart form, such as crossing age or salary with performance to understand your workforce management better

Stay alert as you gain competitive advantage using ZENITHR's powering feature of setting notifications for pre-set thresholds and objectives

Easily share and export dashboards and any specific chart or report