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Employee Turnover

Employees exiting your organization is an opportunity for you to dig deeper and know the cause behind their resignation or termination and what can be improved in the workplace. Assuming the wrong reasons of employees' exit, based on experience or mere observation, is very common yet inaccurate.

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Manage Employee Issues

More than often, the cause of an employee's resignation or termination is more than one, and hence why exit interviews are crucial in order to cover all areas of the employee tenure and experience with your organization.

Retaining talent, engaging your employees and keeping them satisfied is key to a successful organization. Reasons that increase turnover are the same ones that create low productivity and high absenteeism, which in turn affect the organization's growth and overall cost.

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Improve Your Organization 

Data collected from the questionnaires will be analyzed to generate reports detailing the reasons such as the style of management, or work environment.

Managers will be able to spot certain trends and patterns in an organization that are related to employee resignation. This empowers them to manage certain issues and seize any opportunity to retain talent and increase employee satisfaction.

Why ZENITHR - Exit Analysis?

Grants you with a final opportunity to hear from your leavers and encourage them to voice their opinions through a specifically-designed survey that is guaranteed to provide you with the information you need to know why employees are leaving your organization

Discover what's causing unwanted turnover, where it's stemming from and develop strategies to avoid it while evaluating an organization's performance relative to the market's best practices

Wisely drive change through measuring and understanding employee experience and behavior using the generated analytical reports that provide accurate insights into the analyzed responses

Gain the knowledge that enables you to manage issues that you may not have seen prior to employees' exit and utilize insights to improve certain aspects of your organization in order to retain top talent and avoid employee attrition

Export and share extensive and advantageous reports to any concerned party