Integration and Set-up

HR Management Systems are a great tool for running HR processes, creating data and storing it in a structured way. However, most of the systems lack the functionality to do something with this data. HR employees still end up spending lots of time on Excel analyzing data and creating charts. 

ZENITHR leverages on an HR system and safely gathers an organization's data into a unified solution that analyzes real-time data and generates valuable insights for better workforce management.  


1Organizations' requirements will be met through detailed meetings

2Validation of data on the HR system will take place and any missing or dirty data will be communicated

3Integration process with the HR system will commence and the data will be collected and fed to ZENITHR's system

4On-premise or cloud solution is based on the client's preference


5Project timeframe is around 3-4 weeks depending on the client's HR system and data availability

6Live synchronization is configured based on the client's frequency preference

7QA checks, installation and training follow

8Supporting services or modification requests will be provided

Your data is highly secured

Trust & Security

One of our top priorities is protecting and securing your data and making sure it's handled carefully. ZENITHR is specifically designed with the focus on data privacy and security. Your trust in us and our capabilities is vital for our growth as a business.